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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Swine flu made in USA

Swine flu made in USA

An American investigative journalist, who claims that swine flu strains have been engineered in two universities in the US and Canada, says they've been deliberately designed to resist vaccines.

Now read some of the comments that took him from youtube
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Sundrumify say:

The Pharma Lobby, Worldwide, is to be questioned. Whatever is done in which laboraties, with whatever agenda, might get out of control?! Is the WHO the right institution, to watch over this? Anyways, I am not going to be vaccinated. Had a mild version of this flu already and got over it, without chems.
Thanks for sharing this vid.
Lisa from Munich

Just read in the news, source Spiegel magazin, that our German Government and associated organizations, will be vaccinated with a Baxter International product, which is said to have less side effects, than products of other manufacturers, the citizens may be vaccinated with? I hope, that the media picks this whole issue up, like I witnessed it in the U.S.
Lisa from Munich

Am featuring this topic on my channel right now. There are many great vids out, how we can deal with it. What about all the people, who suffer from bad living conditions, or do not have access to all the information available for us? I said it in another vid, and say it again. Am not spreading any conspiracy. Although, I really wonder, what is going on, behind the scenes?
Best from Munich,

cubPWN say :

furthermore, there are many frightening reports about H1N1 vaccines at home and abroad. Most notably and accessibly: DemocracyNow's reports. I don't think you understand the political implications of engineered epidemic scare and mandatory vaccination: especially when that scare is manufactured to convince civilians to voluntarily take the vaccine, developed by a corporation who has allegedly tainted vaccines with HIV in the past,
whether intentionally or not.

ScientiaVeritasEtLux say:
There is no evidence that this flu strain is man-made and for this man to claim so and to even go so far as to fallaciously claim that the scientific community supports this assertion is simply irresponsible. There is only evidence that this flu strain is a hybrid of several other flu strains that does NOT mean that it was man made. Flu strains hybridize all the time in pigs. Pigs are considered "melting pots" for influenza viruses. That's why so many novel pandemic strains emerge in pigs.

"But it IS 4 different strains, from multiple countries. That doesn' just HAPPEN on it own"

Actually yes it does. Hybridization of influenza viruses is extremely common, especially in pigs, because pigs are capable of being infected with several strains of influenza virus simultaneously, and because pigs are usually kept in close quarters with other pigs that may have been distributed through several countries. Do you even know what you're talking about. You make yourself out as some authority.

When did I say I put my trust in the medical field? Can you please cite me saying that from one of my past comments? What I do trust is the scientific method because it is the best way for obtaining truth that we have. It works. Data that has been thoroughly verified does not lie. There is no faith.
And I still hold that you are ignorant and clueless. You have no idea what you are talking about on these issues, but you're more than happy to contribute garbage anyways.

You know nothing of the H1N1 influenza A virus or the vaccine that was developed to combat it (or any other vaccine for that matter) and yet you gladly spew nonsense about it, asserting that it is dangerous while the H1N1 flu is perfectly harmless. You will have blood on your hands if you convince a sufficient number of people not to take the vaccine.
You know what's sad? You're 23 years old and you are more childish than my 12 year old brother. Not to mention, my 12 year old brother knows more about the mercury content in vaccines than you do. Even he knows that ETHYLmercury is used in vaccines not METHYLmercury, which is harmful. There is no data to suggest that METHYLmercury is harmful in humans. Which shows your utter ignorance of the topic by saying, "Take all the mercury you want... Im not"
The swine flu vaccine is relatively harmless.

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